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Friday and Saturday Nights

All You Can Eat Catfish served with fries, hushpuppies, and all homemade sides.
at Our Judge Ely and Rebecca Lane Locations!

All for $11.99

Welcome to Betty Roses

If you can't tell by now, Betty Rose's is all about barbeque - some of the BEST barbeque in Texas as a matter of fact. Not long ago our friends at Texas Monthly stopped by and after filling their afternoon, and stomachs, named us one of the Top 50 Barbeque Joints in Texas!

Abilene, Texas Betty Rose’s Little Brisket & Catfish

Briskets generally don’t get prettier by closing time, so at 4 p.m. Betty Rose’s juicy, tender, well-marbled, mesquite-smoked brisket and meaty, black-pepper-rub-encrusted pork ribs were nice surprises, expertly held through the long, post-lunch slump. Not so the wrinkled pork-and-beef sausage. We helped ourselves to above-average macaroni salad, coleslaw, cornbread, and pintos. The sauce is sweet-sour and peppery, the banana pudding larruping good.